Israel's General Election

A big night in Israel as general elections are well under way. Binyamin Netanyahu is expected to remain Prime Minister. Netanyahu has, in the past, teased the world as to whether he supports a two state solution with the Palestinians. There is a consensus now though that any hope those teases had brought has been crushed. He has joined with parties and politicians to the far right who vehemently oppose any deals with the Palestinians. Netanyahu’s third term, as far as foreign policy goes, will likely be characterized by increasing tensions throughout the Middle East, a shaky relationship with Washington and more division between Hamas and Fatah. Who knows though, he could surprise us all?

Update: While awaiting the official tally, it is safe to say that Netanyahu didn't fare as well as many predicted. It seems that Israelis feared what would happen if he stepped too far to the right. It'll be interesting now to see how he forms his government and what policies, particularly towards Iran, are adopted.