Help the EFF Save Podcasting

Podcasts have become a large portion of the content I consume on a daily basis. Since 2008, I have been discovering amazing podcasts and podcast networks that expand my knowledge, make me laugh and make me think. That is why I am so appalled at the patent troll Personal Audio LLC for threatening many of these producers with lawsuits based on a patent that they hold. Personal Audio LLC has contributed nothing to the podcast industry. They simply exist now to try to drain money away from hardworking people. The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has launched a campaign against this patent and Personal Audio LLC. Hopefully we can get numbers to make this campaign succeed. As the EFF noted, there are a lot of podcasters who don’t do it for money, but out of love for the topic that they are broadcasting about. Help save podcasts and the podcasting community!

Electronic Frontier Foundation: Help Save Podcasting!