Cruelty to bears and ethics

I watched a documentary a few years back that affected me more than most. I have seen other films depict the most brutal aspects of life, from war ravaged countries to human trafficking. However, I was most moved emotionally by a short documentary about the cruelty to bears throughout the Asian continent. In fact, I was moved to tears. It is difficult to pin down exactly why this had more of an effect than others and why bears rather than humans evoked such powerful emotions. Animals tend to grasp us emotionally in strong ways. Does this mean we favor putting the happiness of animals above other humans? I don’t think so, though admittedly many people probably do. Human suffering is a travesty and must be alleviated, but animal suffering deserves attention as well. Now I don’t want to go down the rabbit hole right now and begin discussing vegetarianism and what exactly constitutes animal cruelty. That is a topic for a much larger and complex discussion. All that I would like to do is bring awareness to more people that animals like the bears depicted in this video are being treated unethically. They are abused and forced to entertain tourists on the streets. I am very interested to know if anyone else was struck by emotions by this video, or was not moved at all. It touches on psychological analysis, ethics and moral relativism, among others. In addition to linking to the film, which brings awareness, I have also linked to Animals Asia, an organization dedicated to bringing an end to the cruelty displayed on the film.

Here is a link to the short film:
Bear Dreams, by Journeyman Pictures

Animals Asia