Upcoming Week in the NHL: McEichel Progress

As another week in the NHL is set to begin, I want to provide a primer for what to expect. I am an enormous fan of the Buffalo Sabres, so I am obviously interested in which teams could compete for the opportunity to draft Connor McDavid or Jack Eichel next June. 

The Sabres currently sit at 0-3, having just suffered an embarrassing loss to the Anaheim Ducks on Monday after registering just 12 shots on goal! They play the Hurricanes (0-2) on Tuesday evening. That game is of note because Carolina is one of those teams which could potentially challenge the Sabres for last-in-the-league. The 'Canes are struggling mostly because of the injuries to the two Staal brothers. 

After Carolina, Buffalo doesn't play until Friday, where they play host to the Florida Panthers (0-2-1). The following day, they play the Bruins (1-3). 

There are a few stats that I'm watching and keeping an eye on as the season goes on. 

It's still very early on in the season, but i'm interested in tracking the above-mentioned stats the entire year. With McDavid and Eichel as prizes, I want to examine every possible stat to determine which teams I am rooting for to gain points (3 point games every game is desirable).

Oh, and the Islanders (2-0-0) play the Rangers tonight, the Sharks on Thursday, and the Penguins on Saturday. The Blues (1-1-0) play the Kings on Thursday, and the Coyotes on Saturday. Go Rangers, Sharks, Kings and Coyotes!