10/21: McEichel Update

It has been a fun start to the season already - I mean it! Despite the struggles of the Sabres this season (which I'm okay with), I have a lot to watch for. I love watching the young players continue to develop as I try to decide who will be in our long-term future. I love rooting against the Islanders and the Blues - the Islanders have won often this year so obviously I am hoping they regress. I love watching individual players, minor-league players, and a lot more. I just love hockey, so I'm having fun this season and thinking about the potential future of the Sabres helps a lot. 

An update on McEichel. The Sabres are officially in last place in the league with 2 points and 5 losses thanks to Edmonton's win last night against Tampa Bay. Carolina and Winnipeg are staying close, as are Edmonton, Colorado and Florida. 

Tonight's action: Toronto vs. NYI (go Leafs! can't believe I just typed that...), Carolina vs. Winnipeg (go 3-point game!), Tampa Bay vs. Calgary (go Calgary!). I hope the rest of the games go to overtime so teams can continue to acquire points. 

The Sabres games this week: 10/22 (Buffalo at Anaheim), 10/23 (Buffalo at LAK), 10/25 (Buffalo at San Jose).

The Islanders (4-1-0) games this week: 10/21 (Toronto at NYI), 10/23 (NYI at Boston).

The Blues (2-2-1) games this week: 10/23 (Vancouver at St. Louis), 10/25 (Chicago at St. Louis).

While I know that it is too early for possession stats, I still want to mention them because it's fun. The Sabres are currently last in the league in Corsi% at 36.7. They are second-to-last in the league in GF/GP (Goals For per Games Played) with 1.17.