Must-listen: A conversation between Penn Jillette and James Randi

“Penn’s Sunday School” is a must-listen podcast anyway, but I specifically want to recommend the most recent episode, which features an interview with James Randi. Penn and James have been close friends for a long time and it always shows in interviews - the comfort level they have with one another is remarkable. James Randi is one of the treasures of the skeptical movement. For years he has been fighting against charlatans who try to take advantage of people. What I found most interesting in this interview is how honest he was about some of the more difficult moments in life - thinking he did not do enough to convince Andy Warhol to seek medical attention is one example. He even welled up thinking about his dear friend Doug Henning, who died of liver cancer. It’s a remarkable interview for a man we should all aspire to be like. By that, I mean we should never stop the fight against pseudoscience and ideas that are not evidence-based.